Accelerate is a villain who utilises super-speed to complete crimes. She is a former member of the Super Alliance who turned rogue and used her powers for evil when she got thrown out for inappropriate and violent behaviour towards other students. She now uses her increased speed to commit numerous crimes around the city, but is always stopped before she is able to complete her heinous acts.


How she got her powers was never acknowledged, but her betrayal stems from his behaviour in the Super Alliance which caused her to be thrown out. She would often use her super-speed for...inappropriate things, which her mentor, The Blur, found to be a complete waste of her amazing gift. She would also antagonise students to spark fights which would be broken up by mentors, just before Accelerate kills them. The Blur believed she was to be his successor as he saw something similar between himself and Accelerate, but these acts forced him to throw her out. Accelerate then struggled to keep herself in check and would often fight others in the street and then began to use her powers for evil. Her crimes got more and more complex and endangered more and more lives, so the Super Alliance had to stop her. The Blur felt betrayed and felt he had failed... But had to focus on the task at hand and prevent Accelerate from committing any more crimes. Accelerate was imprisoned in a maximum security prison designed by The Blur himself to prevent super criminals from escaping... But his plan had one flaw, and Accelerate escaped. She currently remains in hiding, but could arise at any moment.


Accelerate has very similar powers to The Blur, but didn't develop them to the extent he did.

Speed Punches

Accelerate can use her enhanced speed to rapidly attack enemies using tough and heavy punches at superspeed.

After Image

Accelerate can create an after image of herself by running back and forth at superspeed so that it leaves behind an image of herself. This image cannot move and is often used as a decoy.

Speed Burst

The main ability of Accelerate is her increased speed, it is one of the most frequently used powers. It enables her to run at insane speeds, but not as fast as The Blur.


- Although Accelerate is insanely fast, surfaces with zero friction cause difficulty for her to run.

- Blinding Accelerate is a very effective way to prevent her from using her powers.

- Restraints powered by friction / speed will prevent Accelerate from running anywhere. Although it will not render her completely powerless, it was cause many issues for her.

- Accelerate requires gravity to stay to the ground so that she is able to run. Lack of gravity will cause many issues for her.

- Accelerate has no kind of protection for any kind of mental attacks, making it a powerful weakness of hers.