Amphibia is a 17 year old villain who can breathe underwater and attack with her long, frog-like tongue. She also has poisonous skin.


Dani grew up on the streets, pickpocketing and begging in order to stay alive.

While pickpocketing one day, a policeman spotted her and chased after her. In order for her to escape, Dani leapt into the sewers. However, the sewers contained some of Storm Inc.’s biohazardous chemicals, which absorbed into her skin.

A few hours later, and Dani’s skin began to secrete a poisonous layer. The skin between her fingers and toes began to grow, as did gills on her neck.

Dani used her new features to make quick escapes in water, earning her the nickname of ‘Amphibia’ by the local policemen. Dani liked this nickname and began to call herself that too.


-Can swim quickly underwater

-Can breathe underwater

-Can see clearly underwater

-Poisonous skin

-Long tongue used for attacking



-Lack of water