Antimatter is a celestial being that comes from another universe. He is constantly trying to keep the universe as he sees fit, which often means having to wreak chaos around the globe. The Super Alliance considers him a high value enemy and should be attacked only if given permission from a Founder, a Mentor or a Saviour.


Much of Antimatter's origin is either classified or unknown, but what is known for sure, is that he comes from another universe and that he is (supposedly) as old as time itself


The full extent of Antimatter's powers is completely unknown

Dimensional Warp

Antimatter can create warps to anywhere in the entire universe.

Property Shift

Antimatter can change the dimensional properties of anything he touches.

Matter Blast

Antimatter can condense the energies around him, which he can them focus into a single blast of highly concentrated energy.

Dimensional Tear

Antimatter can create tears to other dimensions, like the Mystic Monolith or The Blur.


- Antimatter can only use his powers when he's in close proximity with the energies from his universe. If he's around objects without that energy, we will be weakened or even powerless.

- Antimatter gets enraged easily, taunting him will make him extremely sloppy.

- Antimatter will always try to make things his way, which makes him somewhat predictable and can help prevent an attack before it even happens.