Biowing is a 21 year old villain. He has a bionic suit with wings that allow him to fly and helps him create biohazardous blasts from his hands.


Nathan Phillips grew up as a bored teenager. His parents were never around as they were busy running multiple international businesses.

Nathan used to build small machines as a kid, and began to pick up this hobby once again. He invented a bionic suit with wings that made him stronger, faster, and gave him the ability to fly.

He decided to test his suit out in the field near Storm Inc, something he assumed was a power plant. While flying, Nathan got caught up in some of the toxic fumes coming from the chimneys of Storm Inc. He couldn't breathe and fell into a river next to the field. This river was full of biohazardous chemicals, since Storm Inc. pumped out waste products into it.

Nathan fused with his bionic suit and the chemicals. Realising that he had not died from the chemicals, he began to realise how powerful he felt. Nathan went to stand up in the river, but slipped. Out of shock, his hands shot out a blast of biohazardous chemicals.

Deciding to put an end to his boredom, Nathan became Biowing. He began to vandalise parks and buildings with his toxic blasts, and fly away before getting caught by the authorities.

As Biowing gets bored easily, he constantly tries to commit worse and worse crimes.



-Toxic blasts from his hands

-Can melt things with his acid-like chemicals



-Pure water