Concuss is Echo's half brother and a super criminal that utilises technology that enables him to create seismic blasts and shockwaves.


Concuss was always obsessed with superheroes and the amazing abilities that they possessed. He always wanted to be just like them, fighting crime and saving the world... But he couldn't. He wasn't born with Genomes, he wasn't bitten by a radioactive spider, nor have his wealthy parents killed in an alley, he was just an average joe. But that wouldn't stop him. He was an expert in engineering and electronics in school, so he utilised his skills. He spent months on end creating devices that would allow him to be a superhero and after nearly a whole year of work, he finally finished it. The device was an exo suit that weaponised sound and turned them into seismic blasts. Later that night, as he roamed the streets, looking for any kind of crime, he found this old woman being mugged by 5 guys, so he intervened. But he failed... Miserably. He was left on the cold and wet ground, slowly dying. He learnt then and there that there was no reward for being a hero, little glory and high chances of death. So he decided not to be the hero, but the villain instead. Although he hasn't been seen often, tremors have claimed the lives of many, which some heroes believe to be the villain that they dubbed... Concuss.


Seismic Blast

Concuss can fire concentrated sound energy towards an object.

Seismic Shockwave

Concuss can release his stored sound energy to create a shockwave.


Concuss' weapons only work when connected to the power source. Removing it or damaging the connections will render him weaponless.

Concuss doesn't care for others and will often take hostages, this can be exploited if done right.