For as long as he could walk, Sean had these powers. The genome in his DNA gave him the power of absolute destruction. The older he got, the more powerful he became, but the more destructive he got. He was raised into a life of mediocrity, average school, average grades, average friends, but he... Was far from average. He would bully those around him relentlessly, believing he was better than them because he has powers. He abuse anyone and everyone he could. Students, teachers, family members... Anyone. But one day... He was put in his place. A student known as Bloo secretly had powers, so when she got fed up with Sean always assaulting her and her friends, she used them. She showed the entire school how afraid and weak he really was. He bullied those around him to mask his fear of being suppressed by those around him. He, was abused by so many after that. All those who he hurt, now hurt him. He was furious. He promised to make Bloo pay for what he did, so after leaving school a few years early, he prepared. He trained himself, day and night. Making his powers stronger, and stronger, fuelled by his never-ending rage and desire to destroy Bloo. When the superheroes started to arise, he knew, she would be there. He spent days, coordinating a plan to lure them out, so he could kill them. By taking a few citizens hostage, that caught the attention of Echo, but he had no beef with her. He merely wanted to destroy Bloo. But Echo knew who he was and why he was doing this. She attempted to communicate with Sean, trying to get him to use his powers for good. But he, was gone too far, and knew he would never be the hero, only the villain. He attacked Echo, but she stopped him and locked him away. He currently remains in a maximum security prison, but might not be for long...


Enhanced Strength

Destruction can enhance his strength to the force of 50,000N


Destruction can make himself as strong as diamond


Destruction can release his entire stored energy, creating a huge blast of energy


- Destruction's strong skin can protect himself from almost any attack, except mental. But that's not to say he would be protected against environments without oxygen.

- Destruction can only use one power at a time, meaning he can't be unbreakable and have enhanced strength at the same time.