This is the test for those who are interested in joining the Super Alliance. Don't apply if you aren't going to do any of the RP.

Please post your answers in the comment section below.

You get 3 tries. If you get 8/12 or above, you get in. If you get 7/12, the Founders will discuss and decide. If you fail the test 2 times, you will have to get 9/12 or higher.

  1. What is your character name?
  2. What is you superhero identity?
  3. What powers do they have?
  4. What is their personality like?
  5. Do you promise to give your all and not lazily RP?
  6. Do you promise to treat all your fellow heroes with respect?
  7. Do you promise not to regularly swear, bully or antagonise?
  8. A civilian is being held hostage and the villain runs away. Do you save the civilian, or stop the villain?
  9. A friend has turned evil and is wreaking havoc across the city. Do you stop them or let them continue?
  10. A higher ranking hero has asked you to do something. Do you do it or do you ignore them?
  11. A group of supervillains have arisen and are causing mass panic. Do you try stop them alone or notify the Super Alliance and get reinforcement?
  12. Your best friend has just been killed. Do you seek revenge or do you remain calm and power through your anger?